Thoughts on "apparent" rare items such as Anaconda Mines

Ive seen people selling these for exuberant amounts of isk and wondered if they are actually selling for that?

Not sure why but i cant get contracts to return a single result for one…

Whats peoples thoughts on actual value of the mines themselves?

The Anaconda and Python Mines themselves are worthless, they’re built extremely quickly and cost pennies in minerals, some people will pay a few million for them because they don’t know any better, this is similar to any Jita scam. The BPOs, which do work, are a bit rarer and sell for up to a billion, but the demand for isn’t constant.

The rare ones are the Asp Mines, and in my experience they’re much rarer than the BPOs of the other two types and it would appear that BPOs for them don’t exist.

And Cobra.

Selling Python and Anaconda mines is not a scam though, they have collector value and since the BPOs are quite rare, you have to pay for people to make and sell them.

Cobra must be even rarer then, because I don’t think I’ve ever seen them :p.

I didn’t say it was a scam, just similar in that people pay a lot for them without realising how common they are. I’ve seen people pay millions for them while you can pump out 10k per day for 68 ISK per unit with a BPO. Part of the reason for these prices are because of how they’re sort of hidden which requires advertising, put them on the market and they’ll be 10 ISK/unit.

Got a python and cobra mine for 5 bil each. “Rare” I’ll let the bpos go for 1 tril each

You can see it at the museum in Malkalen!

Btw I never read any explanation why these two are rarer. Was there any difference in functionality? Material use? Someone must remember.

Personally I dont consider them rare. I remember when they were initially removed from the market providing that you still had the bpo’s you could still right click them and open up the market window which allowed you to still see them being sold, however navigating the market window normally didnt allow you to do so. Due to this I purchased 10 of each type however if i had the hindsight i do now i would of purchased as much of them as possible. I wasnt the only person at that time who did those as it was mentioned in the bpo channel that it was possible.

I do find it amusing to see how much people are burning away just to get their hands on those bpo’s and I wonder how they would feel if they knew the actual price of them when they were on the market was less than 500k each.

The market price is irrelevant if you can no longer get them for that.

yes and no, it depends on the person buying it. some might not care at all considering its old content and supposedly never to be used again and want them for their personal collections. Then you have people who would be more conservative with their isk especially knowing its original price compared to its current one. Also you never can tell when players will come back as well and how many of said bpo’s are actually sitting idle on inactive accounts which could potentially drive down the current price if to many start showing up.

Yes and Tritanium originally cost 1 ISK, people are fools to buy it at current prices.

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Tritanium is still useful though :stuck_out_tongue:

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