WTB Minmitar Subcap Pilot + Drone + Missiles 60m+ SP

Im after a Minmitar Focused Subcap Pilot - upto BS’s - cross trained into Caldari & Gallente Subcaps with missiles and drone skills is welcome, Tech 2 ship skills would also be a bonus. Ideally 60m+ SP. ISK waiting! Please let me know what you have - once agreed we can do a private sale post on the character bazaar. Thanks!

Bump… Still Looking

Might be almost what your looking for, let me know

A bit too many Amarr related skills but has some potential - I find myself loaded with chars atm but plan to sell one or two very soon, how much were you looking for Juyane?

I’v sent an email to your character in game.Looking forward to your reply.

Im looking for around 70bil

I think I will pass it not being exactly what I’m looking for and probably a bit pricey for what it is.

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