WTB Nyx capable pilots, No more than 40B


(Red Endsville) #1

Wanting to buy Nyx capable pilots.
There are no specific requirements for name and gender ( but please don’t be too bad :) )
Requirements: 1. T2 fighters must be available.
2. JDC v
3. No Indy skills
Fell free to post characters here or send mail / chat in game with name and info.
All CCP rules apply.

(Red Endsville) #2

If you meet the requirements and do not have too much skill, I can raise the purchase price appropriately. :)

(Red Endsville) #3

up :grin:

(Red Endsville) #5

upup :rofl: upup

(D3adly B0n3s) #6


This toon has 36mil sp left now.

ONly Nyx and HEL skills left, jump skills at 5.
fighter skills as per this board.

eve board is not playing with me.

(Red Endsville) #8

Gallente Carrier and Minmatar Carrier What grade is it now?

By the way, how much money you are going to sell.

(D3adly B0n3s) #9

both carrier at 4

want 40 bil for it

(Red Endsville) #11

Gallente Carrier didn’t go to V. I needed to subtract the Daily Alpha Injector from V. 200/40*8=40 4B, so my bid is 36B. Can you accept it?? :grinning:

(D3adly B0n3s) #12

replied in game with implants in the head. should be sufficient.

(Red Endsville) #13

I’m sorry, although you have provided some screenshots, but I still can’t be sure that he is the information on your account, and the implants you provide are not suitable for my needs. Though I am very interested in your character, I may not be able to persuade myself to buy it.

(Chuck Isu) #14


Already has a HG slave set (mid grade omega)

(Red Endsville) #15

And I want to have a relatively large gap, so I can only provide 25B, you think about it.

(Red Endsville) #16

upup :rofl:

(Red Endsville) #17

UPUP Leave your role information in accordance with the conditions.:rofl:

(Trade Chee) #18

Has ur wasp_golem been sold yet?
sorry for hijack… free bump^.^

(Shoots MaGee) #19


my post

(Hurri Nakrar) #20

What is your B/O tag?

(Shoots MaGee) #21

im gonna seek 40bil obo

(system) #22

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