WTB Orca and barge pilot

I am looking to buy a focused barge and Orca pilot.

Should have / be:

  • Able to fly the Orca already
  • Able to fly all t1 barges
  • Drones 5
  • Mining Drone Operation 5
  • Ice Harvesting Drone Operation 4. Level 5 would be better
  • Industrial Command Ships 4. Level 5 would be better

Since those are common on Orca pilots but not of interest for me:

  • Skins
  • Implants
  • PI
  • Ability to fly Exhumers

The more focused, the better. It’s purely about the Orca and t1 barge mining.

Since such a char got sold for 5.6 bil very recently, I’d like to stay at 7 bil tops if possible.
Please let me know your offers :slight_smile:

Still looking :slight_smile:

Still looking :slight_smile:

Still looking :slight_smile:

Maybe interesed in me:

http://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Ever_Meow (industry + orca + barge i)

Or this alt


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