WTB Orca Pilot

(Arc Hammer) #1

Looking for an Orca pilot with good navigation and tanking skills.

Needs good Mining/Ice Drone skills (Ice not required by highly preferred)

Mining, Production, or Hauling skills are fine as well.

(Corporate Buyer) #2

Maybe me …


Foremand and director in 5

(Arc Hammer) #3

Looking for something a bit more specialized, but I’ll get with you if I don’t find something better.

(Arc Hammer) #4

still looking

(Barker Haines) #5

Another option …

https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Barker_Haines 20m

DST, exhuumer freighter and orca

(Arc Hammer) #6

The thread you were selling him in says sold?

Let me know what happened there?

16bil B/O