WTB paladin Imperial Jubilee skin

Paladin Imperial Jubilee SKIN (Permanent)Paladin Imperial Jubilee SKIN (Permanent)



are they even out at this time?..

or is this like a pre-order?

both. if its not out yet then its a pre-order. but if someone has it i will buy it for a considerable sum.

:darkbeerparrot::darkbeerparrot::darkbeerparrot::darkbeerparrot::darkbeerparrot::darkbeerparrot: bump

when does this crap get released? since EVE-central is dead forever there isn’t much of a way to check remotely.


yah thanks but you still cant see that skin…its cool tho. its out now…

WTB Paladin imperial jubilee skin

Why not just use plex to buy it? Translates to about the same amount in ISK probably…

to late someone already sold it to me. thank you…

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