WTB perfect apostle pilot

Looking for perfect apostle pilot.
Price doesn’t matter.

She is perfect but need fast training to other Faxes
Near 6b in clones implants

how much would you like to ask?

Tbh I think fair price will be 75b for my SP and implants in my head
We could negotiate in-game (in mail or convo)

Based on recent character transactions through character bazaar, average price would be around 55-60b for 65-70mil toons. I am willing to pay little bit more than average price since I am urgently looking for apostle toon, but 75b is way too expensive.

Ofc there are some deals for a cheap price, if people need ISKs right now.
If you think Laila is too expensive, thats sad, as she is absolutely perfect with no waste skills.
Plus I wanted to valuate implants also

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