WTB Pilot Golem or Tengu to 10B

(Dim XS) #1

I’ll buy a pilot to 10b Preferably able Tengu or Golem

Feel free to leave an Eveboard and a price…

(Dim XS) #2


(Dim XS) #3


(Sam0ri) #4

http://eveboard.com/pilot/Sam0ri. I would be for sale :slight_smile:

just contact me or gereinah in game
He has sister of eve nearly level 4 agent and corporate police force level 4 agent (2 level 4 security agents on 1 station in waskisen)
also has the skill book which increases the lp gain of security agents

Highly specialised toon. the last char sale I did was 2014 so I have no idea what it is worth atm.
http://www.eve-appraiser.com. would say 6 bill but I am oben for suggestions :slight_smile: