WTB PVP Character needn`t capital skills(20b-30b)

RT ,send skillboard to here. thanks


maybe you will be interested … 32 b b/o

yes, I’m interested, but I don’t think he’s worth 32b. :frowning_face:

let me know if you change


Low end of your budget, but give you some wiggle space for boosters (plus the 2mil unallocated) to skill to what you want.

15b, if you accept it


I’d take 30 bil for this

This is your character? If so, please log in to the character and tell me。

Yup that’s me

Let me make sure,30b for sale right?if sure,i will sent isk.

Confirmed . send isk and account info

i will send it within 24 hours, in class now:(

isk and account sent

character sent, enjoy

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