WTB PVP Toon Gallente & more


(Dokarr Vakhri) #1

Hello i want to Buy a Good PVP Toon for Gallente and maybe more Race (prefer Minmatar)

Ships he should can use all from Frig to Battlecruiser (more will be good)

No Capital Ships need but if he got it its okay.

Skillpoints ~ 40 Mil

he Should get a Good Name

Budget is 30-40Bil Isk

Make me your Offers

(Dokarr Vakhri) #2

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(Dokarr Vakhri) #3

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(Nastyeen) #4

Great pilot, under 40 billion, very solid base can fly a LOT and is ready for Commanding

(Dokarr Vakhri) #5

sorry not the toon i looking fore

(HippyChick 420) #6

Hello I am for sell let me know what you think and we can keep talking

(system) #7

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