[WTB] Rare ''Hellhound I" Drone(s)

Hey there! I’m looking for these very very rare drones. I’m looking for a maximum of 6 of these.

Send me a mail with your price and we’ll discuss it.

Still Looking

Still looking people, give me some of those fancy drones!

We’re still looking people!

Still Looking for these puppies!

Still looking

Still here, looking for some drones!

I know someone has them , and I’m SURE you want to sell them to me!

Give me those awesome drones!!

I know they’re out there. And I’m still looking!

In my 7 years of actively playing this game as a trader I’ve seen them for sale ONCE.

3.5b is not gonna cut it, not by a long shot.

Yes they are out there, I have one gifted to me from a old corp m8 and nope not for sale :slight_smile:

I figured as such. Which Is why I told people to name their price. It’s christmas and I’m sure someone would LOVE to sell me one during this lovely holiday <3

Still Looking
Name your price!

Still looking. Let me help you get rid of those old drones!

Found one of them! Still looking for 5 more of these cute little special ogre’s!

Still looking for them!

Anybody wants to give their ‘useless’ drones a new home?

Still looking for some drones!

It’s been a while, But I am still looking for these !

Monthly bump, Still looking for these badboys