[WTB] Rare ''Hellhound I" Drone(s)

I know you guys have them stored away somewhere. Sell them to me and buy some additional ships before they all double in price!

Good luck. Been hunting for one myself for about 7 years.

Bumpy bumpy, I’m still willing to pay the price for these cute drones.

Bumpy bump! I know you guys prefer ISK over some rusty drone! I’ll promise to take good care of them

It’s been a while, but I managed to find yet another Hellhound I . I’m still looking for 3 more!

free bump

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Still looking for fancy drones sitting in hangers!

Another month gone by, still willing to pay big bank for these legendary drones fellas!

It’s been a long time but I’m back and still looking for these beauties.

Bumpy bumpy, hit me up with your offers!

Bump, send me a mail with your price and we’ll negotiate!

Shoot me some offers ladies !

Don’t be afraid to shoot me a mail :slight_smile:

Still waiting for offers lads!

I won’t give up on these fellas. Still looking!

curious - they have now less dps that tech2 ogres?

Correct, a while ago the way drone damage was calculated was changed significantly, If I recall correctly these drones were excluded from this patch resulting in them having lower overall dps than regular T2 variants.

Lets get the offer going people! Good isk to be paid for these.

Still looking for more offers!

Monthly bump! Still looking