[WTB] Rare ''Hellhound I" Drone(s)

Still looking for some offers! Hit me up in-game

Approaching 2K views! Unfortunately I’m not at 2K offers. Bump

I own 1 and know of another owner (Not entity). I paid 5bil for it 8 years ago lol

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I’ll offer you 10B for it Dai Kyoko

wouldn’t sell for less than 200

anyway, I’m not giving the threat up. EVER so start selling those bad boys to me so that you can buy yourself that shiny marauder you’ve always wanted!

Bump for me trying to conserve some of EVE’s history!

It took me a long time to find 4 of them about ~12 years ago but unfortunately I donated them all to Entity when I quit :frowning:

Good luck


I refuse to ever give up on these. Still looking to buy these! Send me a mail in-game.

how much u got so far? :smiley:

Managed to get 2 so far!

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Still looking for these!

Still waiting for offers!

bump for more visibility!

Still here, Still looking

Almost a month passed by, still looking!

Just curious, why would you like these obsolete Hellhound drones?

Good luck on your search BTW!

Hopefully so they can put em in a Gaurdian Vexor :slight_smile:

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Another month another bump! tomorrow is the big day!
As for your question: I’m a collector, I’d love to collect a full set of these rare drones to make sure that these pieces of history will not be forgotten!

As you may know I am the Curator for The Museum of New Eden.
I have been collecting and passing info and knowledge on for 16 years and have decided to call it quits. I have a few of the Hellhound and some other only one in game items you might be interested in Please mail me in game so I can get faster notices and can be avalible when needed
Everything in located in Dodixie 20 and will not be moved