WTB Rorq / mining account

I want to buy Rorqual focus / mining account with max 25m skill point.


Offer myself

i want to buy your account, how much?

I think 28B should be fair

ok i at work as soon as i get home i will contact you and start transfer . that is 7 hours from now. ok?

Sure. Send isk and account info when you’re back and i’ll initiate the transfer

I 'd like to buy your account number.

Buyer has not responded.
Please send Isk and account info and i’ll initiate the transfer

isk sent

isk sent .

Isk received and transfer initiated.

Got GM response you should have it now. Enjoy!

I am truly sorry , I had motorcycle accident on way back to home .

ccp you can close the thread .

do not close sorry I still need one account Rorq/mining.


found one account , close the thread

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