WTB Rorq Pilot

Only requirement is being able to sit in the ship (higher level capital industrial is a value add), use excavators, basic capital shield tank, panic button and indy core. JDC skills would be a value add, but not a requirement.

Dont need a perfect booster, a freighter alt, or a 2005 150m sp god, the only time the thing is going to leave a rorqual is via a beautiful explosion.

Depending on the pricing, i might need a few days to come up with the money, but i’ll consider anything under 30b, thanks!

Was looking for 32 bill, though his a bit more proficient than you requested.

Thanks for the offer, but as you mentioned, few too many sp i wont likely use, plus it already looks like you have a bid that puts it out of my price range.


Looking for 25bil


Looking for 20b… basically 14.5M SP including the unallocated which you can use wherever you want to be immediately ready
Can Fly Rorq in 12hrs
Can use panic in 4hrs
Has Mining Drone Spec 4 / Industrial Command 4


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