WTB rorqual Char

WTB Rorqual focuses character with t2 Indy core I will pay 19b for sp about20m

Indu core t2 is compulsory

18b. 19.5 m SP. Indy core II

I want this one the 18b on, so Which character should I transfer money to, I will do that after 5hrs

I want that 18b on, which character should I transfer money to

Please send isk to this character along with account name i need to transfer AFK-Miner01 to.

I will do that after about 5hrs when I get back home:) My account that is going to get the character is MeinNameistDerek1 just give u in advance and u can transfer it when u receive the money

Check the comment I replied in the wrong place which is below ya :slight_smile:

Ok I initiate the transfer once i receive the isk.

Great, and I recently report the stolen of my character so GM is banning my account for security concern but it won’t take long I will transfer isks asap

XD thx for wating

Hi. Please check my forum thread before you send isk to me. There are a few people interested in the character. Whoever pays first can have it

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