SOLD - WTS Rorqual Brothers

Name: AFK-Miner01 (SOLD)
Price: 23b
19.5m SP
Password: 12345

Can Use: Rorqual, Excavator, Industrial Core II, Nexus - Mining Ready
Location: Jita 4-4
Wallet: 1 isk

Name: AFK-Miner02 (SOLD)
Price: 13b
12.7m SP
Password: 12345

Can Use: Industrial Core II, Nexus
Almost: Rorqual/Excavator ready
Location: Jita 4-4
Wallet: 1 isk

Confirming, I am for sale

Confirming, I am for sale

10b isk for AFK-Miner02

13B for AFK-Miner02

13b for AFK-Miner02 accepted. Please send me the isk and the account to transfer to in ingame mail. I can initiate the transfer in 3 hours

Ok.send isk to Zaxilon?

Yes please

I have sent isk to you.Please read my mail in game

I have received the isk. I will initiate transfer in 2-3 hours

Character transfer (AFK-Miner02) has been initiated. Please confirm it once you received the character.

Ok.i will

I received the character.Thank you very much

Thanks for the confirmation.

15b for zaxilon isk ready offer good for 2 h ours

I cannot do it under 18b

ok 18b offer isk ready

Ok please send the isk to this character along with the account name i need to trasfer it to in eve mail.

isk must be sent to account being sold

No it doesnt. But you can send it to AFK-Miner01 if you want to.