SOLD - WTS Rorqual Brothers

Character still for sale

10B for afk-miner1

Sorry i cannot do it for 10b

If you change your mind, offer stands for 6 hours

11B offered

Thanks. I cannot go under 18b

19B for AFK-Miner01

Please send isk to this character with the account name Where you want to transfer it too.

No isk received. AFK-Miner01 is still for sale

18b for afk01

Please wait for the payment today

Alright kiriko233. Highest offer is 19b. Waiting for payment.

I have sent an email, please confirm. 19B Isk is ready.

Response sent. Waiting for payment

ISK sending completed
waiting for transfer.

Ok. Transferring it soon

Let me know when you’re done

Character transfer has been initiated. Please let me know once you receive it

I have received

Ok. Thanks for the transaction