WTB Rorqual Ice Pilot

Preferred focussed but open to what’s available.

T2 indy core would be nice too, as well as the compression skills.


Maybe interested in me ?

Total Skillpoints: 73,123,805
Unallocated Skillpoints: 6,912,000
Total Skillpoints: 80,035,805


@Tamara_Best how much?

i think 65b is reasonable. 800k per million skill points

You cannot fly a Rorqual?

If you want,i can do 65b now

sent the isk and the account and i transfer in an hour , i am busy now in game with other thing

Okay, give me 5 minutes to create a new account

I agree to sell myself by 65b, no killing rights, positive wallet, i am in high sec, i pay the transfer, and i transfer in an hour aprox.

ISK and acc info sent

isk and account received

Transfer done, sorry for the delay.

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