WTB RORQUAL pilot below 30m Skill Points

Looking for a rorqual pilot with less than 30 million skill points.

WTS 1 Focused Max Yield Rorqual pilot The last pilot Bishop is slightly more Sp than 30m but it’s max yield, has amazing shield / jump skills and also some good boost skills. Worth the extra money for sure!

34B Whether to sell

I’m looking for 37b for Bishop I’ve lowed the price already.

37b buy out

37B accepted send ISK and account info to the character Bishop Lauder and I will start the transfer!

Isk sent
Waiting for character transfer

ISK and account information recieved. Will start the process now!

Ticket has been made the character will be with you when CCP process the ticket :smiley:


Thank you for contacting the CCP Player Experience Team. Your ticket (955594) has been received and is being reviewed by our support staff.”

Can I change my account information? I sent my other role account.

I should be able to send another ticket yes and should be fine. Send the new account information to Bishop Lauder again

Ok, thanks!

Already sent, thanks again

No problem :slight_smile: Just updated the ticket with the new account information so it should be fine.

Ok, thank you

It’s been a long time

It’s done through plex and the ticket system it can take from like 1 hour - a few days to process the ticket from CCP depending on how busy they are. If you look at the other 3 I sold I wrote on my thread that they are all sold through Plex transfer not credit card. Credit card is almost instant transfer whereas plex transfer can take a little bit of time (Normally it’s pretty quick tbh) the others didn’t take long.

Can only continue to wait

Yes :+1:

"Hi there, GM Unicorn Cupcake here.

Thank you for contacting EVE Player Experience. The transfer has been completed as specified and the PLEX have been removed from the Vault.

Please let me know if everything is in order.

Best Regards,
GM Unicorn Cupcake
CCP Player Experience | EVE Online"

Enjoy the character mate!