*** WTB Rorqual Pilot ***

WTB rorqual pilot
Requirements is:
-T2 Industrial core
-Capital inustrial ship level 4 or 5
-Mining drone specialization level 4
-Invulnerability Core Operation level 3 or more

Post your offers here pls, becouse i dont look at this char :smiley:



What 18bil?

18 bilion isk am ofering you for it my dear friend

I want to buy not to sell

I think Wpier Dol meant that he’s offering you 18b for you to buy his rorq char, most likely that rorq char IS Wpier Dol.

But i dont see any char like that name on eveboard, so i cant look into his sp.

no am not selling any thing i was geting mixt up and i though that his selling his xD

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