WTB Rorqual pilot


Please provide eveboard.
Requirements: able to use T2 industrial Core ; PANIC ; Capital Shield Booster T2 heavy drones and Excavator.
FIY : Warp Drive Calibraion III is a plus.
Budget : 25B - 30B according to SP


Bump. . . And where is everyone?

(michael snommis) #3

http://eveboard.com/pilot/Captain_McDowell might be willing to sell for right price. Perfect rorqual pilot. Also flys phoenix.

(michael snommis) #4

ah sorry didnt see the budget


we can talk about the price . And by the way I cant access the link you given. It says The access to this character is restricted, please enter the password to continue

(michael snommis) #6

1234 sorry

(Deumus) #7

WTS Myself :smiley: http://eveboard.com/pilot/Deumus 30b Perfect rorqual miner :smiley:


Deal. how can i contact you in game?

(Deumus) #9

Hi just open a chat im online atm :smiley:

(Deumus) #10

ISK received, char is transfered.

Please confirm :smiley:

(system) #11

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