WTB Skill Injectors - 530m

wtb skill injectors 1785 thing - each 530 mil

haha if they sell to you they deserve what they get.

it is unlikely that someone is ready to buy in such a quantity of an injector, but I am ready

anyone able to produce 1700 LSI knows he can insta sell for 565 in discords etc. please relax. xd

Tsutachoda Udan I have what you need but FrostwolfFrostwolf1 is correct I didn’t get where I now by selling my product under buy price. I could just dump them all on the market and make more than selling to you. I’m on 8 markets and none of them are as low as your offer. I can move around 1000 LSI in about a week and still make more than you are offering.

If I sell in, HISEC I can get 600m to 630, and in null I can get from 630 to 660 each so 530 is a joke! See

The current private contract price is 595m to 610m per unit for bulk purchases. These prices changes based on the cost of PLEX. So it may be more or less in a week. And we don’t contract more than 50 to 100 at a time. 3 weeks ago was the lowest it’s ever been and 565 was the lowest unit price.

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