WTB starter rorqual pilot ( t2 core ) [25+B]

Need another rorqual pilot for reasons.

Dont want a max 70m sp rorqual/super pilot

looking for a starter rorqual pilot that can use t2 core. other ship skills like racial cruisers battleships ect are awesome

willing to pay in excess of 30B

post boards here!

can contact kleptic in game

Working on a ingame deal of 22b for this Character

are you still available? sorry my pc crashed after game last night… want to speak more. Can u transfer via 20$ payment? if so will accept this offer of 22b for whore miner

22B sent for whoreminer to that pilot… account info sent… confirmation already received both ends! thank u fly safe! Now WTB fitted rorqual with drones!

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