WTB starter to intermediate sp subcap/Incursion combat alt

as per title. looking for a subcap combat alt, ideally with well-rounded skills that can be further developed as preferred. Ideally has skills to fly DPS in Incursions.

I have Caldari Max Alpha with cyber V and some PI, 44.97m sp, has all the all combat capabilities of the alphas.

Name: Dan Parker , is in high sec, no kill rights, have positive wallet, 3.2b

Could you link me a eveboard/skillsheet please? Screenshots would also be fine.

This is the link of the stats of the character with my own eveboard
Eveboard is offline now.


i am trying to install here Eve quickly but i doubt i can

Dan Parker ( 2112885456 )
Caldari - Civire - Mercs
DoB:2017-06-07 06:04:40
Corp: Caldari Provisions
Cyber:5 IC:4 CC:4 RS:1 MB:
Int:20 Mem:20 cha:19 per:20 wil:20

skills: 96 | SP:4,973,932

2 respec

TY, I will keep you in mind.

I am a great fighter. Many good kills, I can fly a lot. Good pricing as well these days.

Good core and a lot of room to grow


How much are you looking?

open to offers in the 25-3000b range

A lot more than I wanted to spend tbh.

Daily bump, still looking.

Daily bump, still looking.

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