WTB sub Capital focus PVP character

Just looking for subCapital foucus pvp character.
It would be better if meets the following terms:

  1. Logistics Cruiser focus with good engineering,navigation and armor skills.Logistics Cruiser V And Amarr cruiser V . around 40m sp

  2. Or, on the basis of the first condition, additional gunnery focus skills along with some good shields and drone would be fine, 80m+ sp

Thanks for your time



Well, it doesn’t meet your logistics requirement, but I’m selling my excellent pvp character, might as well drop a link for you to check out


great, tanking skills both Armor and Shield, with a good basis for being a logi pilot, also good drone, gunnery and missiles skills, many SS Command skills on lvl5 already. give it a look if interested:

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