120mil Focused SUB CAP PVP

Selling Super Focused Sub Capital PVP character.

Command Ships V
Heavy Assault Cruisers Heavy Interdiction Cruisers ALL V
Precursor Battlecruiser/Cruiser V
Heavy Assault Cruisers V
Interceptors V
All Cruisers V
Recon Ships IV
All Subsystems V
All Battleship V
Marauders V
Great rigging and fitting skills.
Larger Turrets/All Missiles skills.
Gunnery and Missile Support Skills V
Skirmish links ect.

Skill board

All CCP rules apply

110bil B/O
Not in a rush to sell, but would like to see him go to a good active PvPer. XOXO


Open to reasonable offers.

90 bil

100 bln

I’ll take 100bil. Send isk and account name and i’ll transfer when i get a chance. Until then, character is still for sale and open for offers.

Im online and will send u in game isk and account name

isk and account name sent in game

Sent mate, Enjoy. Thanks

Char was delivered to me,thx.Trade is finished.

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