WTB Subcap (100m SP+) and/or JF toons - Paying Above Extraction

Show me what you got.

Been thinking about selling my main as I have many other toons with the same amount of sp:

Tegerys, PW: 12345

Let me know what you think. BTW sec status hasn’t updated but it’s now -1.6 able to fly in all space no KRs

I’m sorry. I’m looking for more subcap skills and fewer cap skills. Good luck!

Bump. Send me your Subcappers!

Hey. I changed my mind. Would you take 75B?


also EveSkillboard - Evelyn Atkinson

EveSkillboard PW:12345

Has all 4 races Subcaps and weapons Capital ships 5/carrier5/dreadnought 5… Has Caldari freighter 5 and all Jumpskills, Inject JF book and your golden…

Buyout 120 Taking opening bids above 95b

Still lookin for subcap? Might consider selling if offer is reasonable… Skillboard
pw : 221


Subcap very vew cap skills trained 85bil ono

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