(Survik Gaterau) #1

Hello, looking to get finally some T2 BPO into my collection. Doesnt matter which one as long as its T2. I dont plan to build from it anyway. Looking for something around 6b - 10b. Please send me ingame mail with your offers, i dont read it here too often.

(Tipa Riot) #2

You are really late to the party. The T2 BPOs will soon be removed from the game I heard.

(Survik Gaterau) #3

Yes, like every year.

(Survik Gaterau) #4

Still looking. Accepting all kind of trash including ammo, explo shield hardeners, em armor hardeners, unprofitable guns etc.

(Admiral Mason) #5

Said everyone on the forums for the last 10 years

(system) #6

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