WTB Tags

I’m looking for the following:

  • Dark Blood Electrum Tag
  • Dark Blood Palladium Tag
  • Dark Blood Platinum Tag
  • Domination Elecrtrum Tag
  • Dread Guristas Electrum Tag
  • Shadow Serpentis Electrum Tag
  • True Sansha Electrum Tag
  • True Sansha Platinum Tag
  • Faramon’s Tag
  • Imai Kenon’s Tag
  • Lazarous’s Tag
  • Raelek’s Tag

How much for each tag?

Hello! Sorry for the delay in answering, I’m not on the forums much. Its best to DM me.

As for how much I’m paying, it depends on which tag it is, the range goes from 100m to 1b.

To the top! Sell me some tags ppl!

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