Buying Almost all Faction Platings

Collecting all kinds of Faction Platings and Membranes!
(Working on having the biggest collection)
Did this a year back and i guess you guys have collected quite some more now, so how about sell me.

If you have any of this contract me for prices below
I dont accept contracts with 10 or something all over eve.
Id rather see 500-5000+ on same areas.
(Only buying in Empire)

Dark Blood EM Plating 3mil
Dark Blood Explosive Plating 3.5mil
Dark Blood Kinetic Plating 2.5mil
Dark Blood Thermal Plating 2.5mil

True Sansha EM Plating 5mil
True Sansha Explosive Plating 2.5mil
True Sansha Kinetic Plating 5mil
True Sansha Thermal Plating 3mil

Shadow Serpentis EM Plating 3mil
Shadow Serpentis Explosive Plating 2.5mil
Shadow Serpentis Kinetic Plating 2.5mil
Shadow Serpentis Thermal Plating (Have over 100k no need more)


Convo or mail me about any Membrane you got, and we work out a deal there.

I have contracted you with over 1000 of them. There is also a mail with all membranes I have.
Awaiting answers

Thank you,
Mailed you back with prises

Up on Contracts for you

Thank you.

I buy alot more so just contract to me

People sell me more. going to empire in a few days, just want to collect everything and head home

Anyone else got Platingsā€¦ contract me

Still buying alot. Check your hangars

Keep sellingā€¦ need alot more

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