WTB Intact Armor Plates

Greetings! Do you, too, struggle with the burden of excess intact armor plates? Does your ever growing collection keep you up at night? Have you ever thought to yourself “Gee, what am I going to do with all these useless hunks of junk?” Well, look no further!

I am offering 95% of jita split for large orders of intact armor plates. I will haul them out for you! High, low, null, I don’t mind. You will recoup the 5% through taxes saved (3.6% sales and 1.4%+ broker fees), and potentially save hundreds of millions in shipping costs. Great for buyback managers of medium to large organizations!

However, I am only accepting orders of 1k units or more. Preferably orders of 2-3k units at a time if possible.

If this offer interests you, please send an evemail to Bobb Bobbington in game. Thanks! And have a good day!

Oh, also, I’m buying plates in Jita as well! Offering Jita split -2.5%. That way, you net an extra 2.5% from saved taxes and I net 2.5% as well!

Another benefit to selling me your comically large stack of intact armor plates - you won’t crash the market that way! Remember kids; moving markets is fun, but only in the right directions. Lessen your adverse market impact, today!

Hi all; still looking for intact armor plate suppliers!

Yall know I’m still looking for plates. Lay em on me!

Still lookin for plates. Willing to make deals as well if the price/quantities are right, feel free to hit me up

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