WTB Tatara BPC Pack

Oï !

I am currently searching someone willing to sell me a Tatara-class Refinery pack. It should contain :

  • All the required componants BPC, with enough runs in each.
  • The Tatara BPC itself.
  • The BPC for the following service modules : Standup Moon Drill I, Standup Reprocessing Facility I.
  • The BPC for the following Refinery rigs : Standup L-Set Moon Drilling Proficiency I and Standup L-Set Reprocessing Monitor I.

Each of them with some research time in ME and TE invested in it, of course.
I’ll talk about the price once my buyer will be ready !

Fly safe :slight_smile:

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I can assist with this, except for the rigs and repro facility.

Search on public contracts for ‘IKEA Tatara’ and you will find everything in a kit, except for the moon drill (which my corp has listed separately)

IIRC price is 177m for the Tatara plus component prints, and 5m for the drill.

Offer accepted, topic can be closed.

Thanks !

Thank you OP for the quick trade, in the event that your Tatara is not very long lived, please feel free to contact me to purchase a replacement kit :pirate_flag:

(don’t worry, I’m not going to shoot it up myself)

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