WTB Titan character - Ragnarok or Avatar only please - max 70m SP - paying well


(Reknaw CEO) #1

As the title says, I’m looking for an Amarr or Minmatar titan character.

Date of creation, race, name (unless it’s extreme), killboard stats, history does NOT matter. Show me your skills :slight_smile:

Must have:

Jump Drive Operation V
Jump Fuel Conservation V
Jump Drive Calibration V
Doomsday Operation V
Doomsday Rapid Firing V
Titan V

Bonus points for having:
Capital Autocannon Specialization V / Capital Pulse Laser Specialization V
Capital Artillery Specialization V / Capital Beam Laser Specialization V
Jump Portal Generation V

Paying well (way above injector and skill price)

Thanks for looking.

(Reknaw CEO) #2

Still looking.

(system) #3

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