WTB Tobi point

(number10 together) #1

Want to buy tobi point (40km heavy warp disruptor)

lmk price

email me in game if you have one thnx

(number10 together) #2


(Skill Injector) #3

I hve one for 18b

(number10 together) #4

Contract to Number10 Together for 18b thanks

(Tazinas Yassavi) #5

Will be up in 2 hours when I get home from work and move it. Do you care where it’s located? Hi/lowsec

(number10 together) #6

Jita area preferred.

(Skill Injector) #7

Will be up tonight.

(number10 together) #8


(Skill Injector) #9

sold thanks

(system) #10

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