WTB Ubiq/Common Moon Ores

Have you got an over abundance of low tier ores? Need the ISK sooner rather than later?

Contract your Ubiquitous & Common Moon Ores to Celestial Projects Today!


In any High Sec system, preferably in Caldari space, create a contract with your ores to Celestial Projects, using the prices below. If your math checks out, we’ll pick it up within 3 days!

Normal Ubiquitous: 1k/unit
Brimful/Glistening Ubiquitous: 1.25k/unit

Normal Common: 3.5k/unit
Brimful/Glistening Common: 4k/unit

Feel free to mail me, Klarissa DuMont, if you would like to set up consistent buy orders at better rates! I’m always looking for steady trade partners.

If you have any questions, feel free to convo/mail me!

Thanks for your business,

Klarissa DuMont
Celestial Projects [CPRJ]

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