WTB. Unical heads

Update of 15 april.


26120_64 I want to collect all “heads” in the game.

Want to buy “heads” :
Abufyr Joek’s Head
Aradim Arachnan’s Head
Archpriest Hakram’s Head
Don Rico’s Head
Head in a Jar
Keron’s Head
Privateer Commander’s Head
Ryoke Laika’s Head
Severed Head
Whelan Machorin’s Head


P.S. At the moment, I have collected three unique heads. Thanks to everyone who sold them.

I have send you a Jar with a head in a contract. Feel free to accept or decline :slight_smile:

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Accepted! Thank u very much!

I’m crossing this head off my wish list because I’ve already bought it. :
True Slave Decryption Node*

Someone give this man some head!



Need more heads!