WTB san'sha ship log and sansha goods

high price!

each 1b(A set of 11)
need 2 set

might know a guy, send me a finders fee of 5b if interested

If the deal is dealt I will give you
But not 5B

500m deal?

Still looking.

Still looking.

May be due to various reasons
You can’t contact me
Then please email me and let me know that you have come
Or hand it directly to me
thanks o7

Update: not two sets,
As much as possible!!!

Still looking.

Why do you keep on bumping your topics 5 times a day, while you are only allowed to do it once every single day. Stop spamming your ■■■■ everywhere, thanks.


Sansha Data Sheets Rahsa, Sansha Commander True Slave Decryption Node Tactical Response Transmitter
Sansha Supply Pit Passcard Sansha Command Signal Receiver True Creations’ Manufacture Passcard
Abufyr Joek’s Head Captured Civilians Command Relay Key Creations Central Pass Mangled Sansha Codebreaker
Modified Isotope Solution PDW-09FX Data Shell Product Park Passcard

If you are still looking. I have Sansha Ship log 322301875

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