WTB your True Sansha junk

Don’t throw away your old True Sansha memorabilia junk, instead sell it to me.

I will buy most True Sansha modules (sometimes weapons) even the useless ones!

Simply link your item to my inbox!

If you are looking for a particular True Sansha item let me know. Chances are I have duplicates which I can part with.

Fly safe!

Side note: repackaged items only

hi bro
I need these, do you have any for sale?

True Sansha Electrum Tag
True Creations’ Manufacture Passcard
Rahsa’s Security Card
Sansha Supply Pit Passcard
PDW-09FX Tactical Subroutines
PDW-09FX Data Shel1
Sansha Data Sheets
Address #298 Audio Fragment
Sansha Wrath Cruise Missile Blueprint
Sansha Juggernaut Torpedo Blueprint
Mangled Sansha Data Analyzer Blueprint
Purloined Sansha Data Analyzer Blueprint
True Sansha Micro EMP Smartbomb
True Sansha Tracking Disruptor
True Sansha Micro Capacitor Booster
True Sansha Cruise Missile Launcher
True Sansha Heavy Assault Missile Launcher
True Sansha Heavy Missile Launcher
True Sansha Light Missile Launcher
True Sansha Rapid Heavy Missile Launcher
True Sansha Rapid Light Missile Launcher
True Sansha Rocket Launcher
True Sansha Torpedo Launcher

True Sanshas Ultraviolet M
True Sanshas Gamma M
True Sanshas Multifrequency M

Sansha Command Signal Receiver
Sansha Infiltrator Tag
Sansha Large Beam Laser Battery Blueprint
True Sansha Small Pulse Laser Battery Blueprint

These things can be for sale~~

Will check on the weekend

Thanks, looking forward to your reply~

Any good news?
Or you can show me what items you have. If there is anything I need, I can pay a high price.

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