Looking for some unusual items

Sansha Supply Pit Passcard 5
Rahsa’s Security Card 12
Homemade Sansha Beacon 6
Rahsa, Sansha Commander 6
Sansha Data Sheets 7
Abufyr Joek’s Head 6
Purloined Sansha Data Analyzer Blueprint 7
Mangled Sansha Data Analyzer Blueprint 7
Address #298 Audio Fragment 4
PDW-09FX Data Shell 7
PDW-09FX Tactical Subroutines 2
True Sansha Electrum Tag 33
Sansha Infiltrator Tag 70
True Creations’ Manufacture Passcard 11

Please contact me if you have
Thanks o7

Let me know how much you’d offer for:

Rahsa’s Security Card 12
Homemade Sansha Beacon 6
Rahsa, Sansha Commander 6

I can generate these but not without difficulty :slight_smile:

I think the price provided by you is better my friend
After all they belong to you


I can get you 6 Homemade Sansha Beacon.

Would 2 billion for the stack be acceptable?

please give me the contract

It will take me several days to get them. I will contact you when they are ready.

ok bro

contract is up

I haven’t logged into the game recently, please give me a new contract

apologies. original was set to 24 hr by mistake. it is up again

What are the numbers that come after the items? Number of items you need?

yeah.Number of items i need。

I thought there were only 1 of PDW Data Shell and Tactical Subroutines. Is that not true?

It is said that

So it is true that there is one of each only?
Also why are you not looking for Trinary Data?

There is very little information on PDW Data Shell,I don’t know the details either

Because Trinary Data has nothing to do with sansha, I only collect the sansha series

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