WTB sansha securitycard

True Creations’ Manufacture Passcard
Rahsa’s Security Card
Abufyr Joek’s Head
PDW-09FX Tactical Subroutines
PDW-09FX Data Shel1
Sansha Data Sheets
Homemade Sansha Beacon
Address #298 Audio Fragment
Rahsa, Sansha Commander
Rorqual Sansha Industrial Livery SKIN (Permanent)

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Are these Cosmos items ?

I think so.

Ok, so where did you get this list of items? If they’re mission objectives, then it’ll be very tough to get them. Might wanna check in-game Contracts.

Years ago I completed a lot of the Cosmos Agents and have Cosmos items stashed in station ever since, some of the items you listed do seem familiar.

What do you pay for product card passcard and abufyr heads. I have a few laying around

I am willing to accept your offer!!

I have already sent you a message in the game.

I don’t have an offer, I’m asking what you paying for them each.

Maybe you can look for it)))

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If you tell me the type and quantity you have
I can give you a total price.

product park passcard 21
abufyr heads 8

product park passcard need 5
abufyr heads 7
1.5b can deal?

Mike4 Afrikaners

can give this ID contract

emmmm we can deal?

May I ask why you would pay 1,5 bil for those? Seems way to much.

Because, I don’t know how much they are worth. lol
maybe 1b batter?

Nah rather take 1,5 ofc. But let me think about it, no rush for me, it’s only 1,5 bil so I’ll hang onto them.

Let’s finish this transaction.lol

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I updated the order
At the top