The end

Sansha Control Tower Small Blueprint this need 14

Please reply me directly in the game.

True Sanshas Multifrequency L 6
Sansha Ship Log 322301875 2
PDW-09FX Tactical Subroutines 5
Sansha Ship Log 363587633 3

These also need
Price is not a problem


need 10 now


It seems that no one is selling

Was that your alt in the blueprint channel the other day. The person who was all angry at some other guy coz he wouldnt sell you the blueprints or something ??

I do not understand what you are saying

But yeah
he wouldnt sell me the blueprints and backmail me

MaadJ this person

No this wasnt the person that was angry but it was the person the anger was directed at. Who blackmailed you ? The angry person or this person MaadJ ?

MaadJ blackmail me

The end

LMFAO Nice try

What’s the use of those ship logs ?

To build ship log houses.

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so you are the clown?

Super upper class clown.

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for me you rather seem like an idiot

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Aim high.