Sansha Ship Log

Sansha Outpost Securitycard
Sansha Ship Log 104398459
Sansha Ship Log 112457832
Sansha Ship Log 136423760
Sansha Ship Log 148920447
Sansha Ship Log 309832812
Sansha Ship Log 322301875
Sansha Ship Log 363587633
Sansha Ship Log 500237688
Sansha Ship Log 549327937
Sansha Ship Log 566930267

By an accidental coincidence
I found them in the contract
These items will never be obtained in the game

each 10b
Package purchase can enjoy discount

Check email every day

I need to remind, These are very rare items!
And will decrease

There not as rare as you think…Willing to sell my Sansha, Blood and Serp ones :smile: Will sell you my ones at a exceedingly cheap price 5bill per item if your that sure they worth 10bill each :rofl:.

This feels like a scam. Are those allowed on the forums?

First of all, this is not a scam,Out-of-print items have no fixed value
In fact, scams are part of this game

They are really rare, please cherish them

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The revenant price difference with other aircraft carriers is 80b
Not because looks pretty
Just because it is rare

they’d be worth more to collectors if you had the full set of 16 …
i’ll keep an eye on your contract history , surely anyone paying billions will pay a couple more to complete their collection :slight_smile:

do not worry bro
If i’m doing something illegal
For example, selling 1 plex worth 1.3b
gm will stop me

Some people sell 300m
Some people sell 3b
This is because the same items
in different places
have different values

if I recall it correctly
A year ago or even earlier
Someone once offered a price of 3b each
One year later, I don’t think there is any problem with increasing the price

for example
this at ship when it first appeared on the market, the price was 120b
but now
They are worth 500b
Do you think this is a scam?

:parrot: :parrot: :congaparrot: :aussiecongaparrot: :aussieparrot:

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