WTB unusual Abyssal 5MN MWDs and BCUs

I need a few weird mods that probably don’t get posted on contracts often because people might consider them worthless.
Specifically looking for 5MN MWDs with:

  • less than 350% signature radius modifier (lower is better, this stat is the main priority)
  • CPU preferably less than 30 (higher is possible, but problematic)
  • all other stats are irrelevant (in other words: preferably MWDs with shitty rolls on speed for example to keep the price low)
  • not going to spend more than 150M on one of these (and even less depending on the exact stats)

And for Ballistic Control Systems with:

  • CPU preferably less than 30 (again, higher is possible, but problematic)
    ONE of these two (if it has both it will be too expensive for me to consider):
  • Missile Damage more than 13,5%
  • Rate of Fire more than 12,5%
    The second of the above stats can be really low to decrease price. The more extreme the difference is, the more interesting the module is to me. Pricing for these is in a much broader range than the MWDs, but in general if you are looking for more than 400M I am not interested (most likely looking at the 100-200M range).

If you have such modules sitting in your hangar thinking noone would ever buy them, send me a mail with the modules linked so we can talk.

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