WTB Upwell Palatine Keepstar Components

Hey guys! Long story short, I’ve been working on building the first Upwell Palatine Keepstar in the background for a while now. I’m making progress slowly but it could be sped up if I buy some components from here too!

Looking to buy any components of the Upwell Palatine Keepstar - mail me in game if you’re looking to sell some and we can talk prices at the time.

To clarify, this post will remain relevant for a couple of years so don’t think you’re too late if you see this.

Cheers, fly safe o7

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How close do you think you are? I may have some minerals I can sell you.


Perfect name for this endeavor.

BPOs are pretty much all researched, as for producing components itself I am about 0.3% of the way there. Mail me in game about the minerals.

up top

up tap

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