WTB Women's 'Aeriform' Headwear (cyan)

Hello !

I’m whilling to buy the headwear “Women’s ‘Aeriform’ Headwear (cyan)”, see below.

I’d really like to buy this piece of fashion !

How much, I answer these posts for rares quite a bit, please offer a sensible ammount or pm me it.


5 and it is yours.

Sent you an evemail

Thanks for the Info Zheckarr =)

I decided to stick to the in-game market, I made a buy order there.
I’m no more buying through the forum market, if you have one to sell please fill my buy order in-game.

Yeah move it to 5 and it will fill or wait for CCP to sell it for 50m, could be tomorrow or in 7 years.

You’ve already been rejected, this attempt is quite sad.

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Trying to get a cyan for 2bn on market is sad :worried: unless CCP rerelease.

Anyway now that it is on market we will see, so anyway 5bn and it is yours.

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