WTS Women's 'Aeriform' Headwear (cyan) 11b

I’ve got a beautiful and rare piece of headwear for sale, sure to make you look stunning as you go about your business.

Located in Jita 4-4.

I’ll take 11B or best offer.


What color Aeriform are you selling?

Cyan — I’ll update the OP.

I forgot to add, it is located in Jita 4-4!

Updated price!

I’m considering lower offers!

5b offer

Seeing as the last one here sold for 8.3 I’m looking for a bit more, thanks for your offer though.

Hey, price is going down ingame as well. There’s 2 for sale in Jita for 7.8b.

That’s true but I’m in no rush. I could do 7.8 if you want but no lower than that.

So you are selling at market then.

I’ll do 7,5 for you.

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