WTB your alt 2003-2006 y.o. with clean history

It is also possible with names like caldari\amar\minmatar\gallente citizen *******. Here o in game mail. Thx \0/

you strict on the date range or would some 2007 chars interest you?





if interested in any make an offer if not no worry and gl on your hunt :wink:

thank you bro, but the names :slight_smile: Sex Bunny is not bad, I’ll think :slight_smile:

Heya have a look at this and tell me what ya think ?

Brutus II “Green Shield” - the seventh legendary king of Britain, son of King Ebravka. Very good, let me think a bit :slight_smile:

How about a 2008? Super clean

I am for sale, 2005 character with changeable name

3 x May 2003 characters, including me, for sale here:

Ah, looks like i’m just outside your date range… Jan 2008.

Interested in buying me? Common sounding name, 1.5m SP mostly in science/research, 150k unallocated SP.


I have already left the corporation that shows me in (was the only member/CEO)


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