WTB 2003-2010 toon decent names

Hit me up with all your old toons with decent names only


Janet MacSmith / EveSkillboard - Janet MacSmith min Bid 32bil ^^

I am selling this one WTS 2004, Clean, Gallente Citizen - #5 by Gutsani

Untrained, but clean corp history and you can petition to get its name changed. Looking for ±8 billion

Hi you might be interested in me 2003 character - but I will say probably best going to someone as an alt to use rather than pure skill extract. Max PI planets, gas huffing and some light industry etc

So straight into some passive / easy income with the minor novelty of 2003 creation date.


This toon, fresh, no corp history. 2010 born. 1b


Offer made on your thread.