WTB 2003 Combat Toon

Many years after selling my 2003 toon, now regretting that, so im in the market for another. Budget around 350bn ish. Something ideal for wormholes. around the 200msp mark would be nice, but lower considered for good toons

Absolute Must Haves

  • All Precursor Ship skills with gunnery, perfect preferred but +4 Specs acceptable
  • Subcap specialist preferred
  • Blops, Cov Ops and T3
  • Good scanning skills
  • Half decent name, N0n3 0f th15 cr4p!!!
  • Born in 2003 - May 2003 better.
  • Positive Sec Status

Would be nice stuff

  • Decent agent standings for farming
  • Perfect Logi Skills
  • PI and Research Skills
  • Male, but race and gender arnโ€™t an issue really, skills and name are.

Corp history doesnโ€™t bother me,

Still looking for The One!

Had a few interesting offers but still looking for my Mr/Mrs Eve Right!

Still Buying!

Post or mail offers!

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Still buying!! Iskies waiting for you!

What no 2003 toons??!?


Bumpy Boo!

I have May 2003, but only perfect Moros trained

Iโ€™m looking for something g in the 200msp range ideally.

To the top i go!

I can sell me:)

https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Fork pass 1234

Gallente Skillbook (6b ISK). Max return on Skill Injectors!

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